Just Your Average Vegan Teen

Just Your Average Vegan Teen
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

We don't need to eat animals to be strong!

This article from Jo Tyler was very well written. And what she wrote made sense. My friends always tell me I won't become as strong as I want to be because I don't eat animals. That's a dirty lie.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Chris! I'm glad you liked my blog post. I agree that one of the most frustrating parts of being vegan is how many people think vegan diets are nutritionally inadequate. Not only are well-planned vegan diets (meaning, you don't just eat cereal and french fries!) nutritionally sound, they are actually healthier than the SAD (Standard American Diet) because only animal products contain cholesterol.

    It is also quite telling that even the American Dietetic Association (which is THE official authority on nutrition in our country)promotes a vegan diet as being appropriate for humans at all life stages. Why is this such an amazing position for them to take? They are *sponsored* by the meat and dairy lobbies! So despite intense political pressure, they still maintain the safety and health benefits of a vegan diet. Here is the link so you can send it to your friends.


    Also - check out this amazing vegan bodybuilder site!

    Thanks for all you do, Chris. I am so impressed with your blog!!

    Peace, Jo