Just Your Average Vegan Teen

Just Your Average Vegan Teen
Mc.Donalds is torture and death.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ari Solomon wrote a really meaningful post that's called "Who You Callin Vegangelical?". Meat eaters think that being a vegan is a religion and its a cult. Well it's not, it's a philosophy. Vegans refrain from using, eating, animals and not exploiting them. We are the voice of the animals because they dont have a voice that humans can understand and it is really sad that people use and eat them. People become vegan because of one of the many reasons like for better health and global warming or they just care about animals. Your body does not require the dairy and eggs and animal flesh. We all have the choice what to eat and those who are starving don't. The U.S. kills 27 million animals daily. Those who say they eat "humane" meat are lying to everyone and themselves, death is always terrible for the animal, they struggle and they bleed a lot. And it's very sad. What's even more sad is that animal eaters still eat them just for the taste. If you say eating animal flesh is a personal choice it's not because the animals don't want to die because of your tastebuds. We are not the extremists okay? And Ari Solomon is right, it should be veganlogical, not vegangelical. Please read the article by Ari Solomon if you haven't by clicking here.

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  1. I agree with what you have written here, Chris. You are correct -- this is a philosophy of non-violence. This is a justice issue, no different from the fight to end human slavery. And abolitionists back then were accused of the very same thing! People called them "fanatics" and "religious zealots." Apologists said they were a danger to society.

    But today, when people accuse vegans of trying to impose our values on others, I just have to laugh. I mean, really! Aren't Carnists the ones who have been imposing their views on the rest of the world for centuries? After all, just look at any menu, go into any grocery store, turn on any radio or tv...it's all dead animals, all the time! So calling vegans "preachy" is pretty disingenuous. Great post, Chris